SEA RESCUE FOUNDATION was founded in 1982 and has been in continuous operation ever since. We have provided assistance, in the form of food, housing and medical care, as well as protection and rescue at sea services to hundreds of thousands of refugees, prisoners of war and others in distress throughout Southeast Asia, Indo-China and elsewhere.

SEA RESCUE FOUNDATION is one of the oldest refugee assistance organizations operating in Southeast Asia and Indo-China, and is the oldest refugee and prisoner of war organization in the world specializing in rescue at sea and assistance and protection on land.

For the past twenty-nine years SEA RESCUE FOUNDATION has assisted countless thousands of refugees, prisoners of war and other needy people in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, China, Philippines and in other countries in Southeast Asia, Indo-China and elsewhere in the world. We have provided emergency assistance, medical care, legal protection and rescue at sea services on an individual case basis and for groups, always acting as the agency of last resort in saving lives and assisting the poorest and most needy people in Southeast Asia, Indo-China  and the world.

Since its founding in 1982, SEA RESCUE FOUNDATION has always devoted 100% of its assets to helping the neediest people in Southeast Asia and Indo-China. We have never spent any assistance funds on administrative expenses. All members of our staff are either refugees or volunteers, and receive no salaries or any other administrative expenses what so ever.